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Web, FileMaker, mobile or 'all of the above' we can build it!

Let me know what you find out when you can. I appreciate your work in helping us rectify this. It is a pleasure working with you.


Will always go to your sessions mate. Bloody awesome. I now have my offline app syncing via the FM Data API thanks to you.


Personally speaking Steve... I wish we’d found you 5 years ago. Really is looking good.


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FileMaker Cloud v2 DAPI authentication with PHP

The FileMaker Data API uses a relatively simple authentication pattern when using a self hosted server. Post valid credentials to the server, receive a token, use that as a bearer token for subsequent requests. With FileMaker Cloud 2 however, the process is made somewhat more complex through the use of Cognito, the AWS credentials management […]

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Connecting to the FileMaker Data API using Ansible

We do lots of work with FileMaker, particularly with the FileMaker Data API. We also use Ansible for lots of the deployments we do of web applications we build. Recently we needed to put both of these things together because we needed to pull information from FileMaker and make decisions in Ansible about what needed […]

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Generating JWTs in native FileMaker

Today a colleague asked me to take a look at an issue they were experiencing interacting with the Zoom API (I’ll write about that another day), but in the conversation they asked if I knew if it were possible to create the JSON Web Token (JWT, pronounced jot) used by the API in native FileMaker. […]

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Downloading OpenJDK for FileMaker server

With the changes which Oracle made to Java licensing some time back Claris no-longer include a Java Runtime Engine (JRE) with the FileMaker server installer. With current versions of FileMaker Server this is only needed if you want to enable Web Publishing Engine (WPE). When you go to enable the WPE the admin console provides […]

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